For people leaving residential schools

3,300 children with profound and multiple learning disabilities, complex needs, or whose behaviour may challenge will be leaving residential school this summer.

For anyone in this position, it is a frightening time. How will they transition to adult services? Will they cope with the sudden reduction in structure in their lives? Will they end up straight in an ATU? Sadly many do.

Despite all the news about lack of progress across the transforming care agenda, children and young adults in this position often get overlooked.

Dimensions has great expertise at working with individuals, families and professionals to enable a structured and safe transition to adult life in the community and avoid the threat of ATU.

We understand the stress that people may feel, on top of everything else that is going on at this formative period in their life. And through intensive transition support from both our operational and positive behaviour support teams, we ensure the individual is well placed to make a success of the change and take steps towards achieving their goals and ambitions.

Download our transitions guide: Transition – your child’s journey into adult services

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