Involving people

Listening to the views of the people who matter – the people we support and their families, our tenants and our staff – underpins everything we do.

We gather feedback from the people we support and their families.
We gather feedback from our staff, the people we support and their families.

We use the feedback we receive to shape and develop how we deliver support, sharing examples of best practice and ensuring practice leadership in our sector.

Involving the people we support

The voice of the people we support is expressed locally, through Everybody Counts groups and, nationally, through the Dimensions Council.

The Dimensions Council is made up of locally elected, regional representatives from the people we support, along with two tenant representatives. Their elected co-chair works with a co-opted Board member to manage meetings and share feedback.

Everybody supported by Dimensions can attend their local Everybody Counts group. Here, the people we support meet to raise issues important to them. Whether local, national or organisational, all issues raised are discussed and addressed with staff.

Both groups influence the organisation’s decisions, policies and priorities, sharing themes and concerns at Board level.

To see what they’ve been up to this past year you can read the Dimensions Council Annual Report 2017.

Working Together for Change

We gather feedback from all our stakeholders in a number of ways:

  • continually and informally through meetings, staff appraisals and service visits
  • person-centred reviews
  • National Family and Friends Forum
  • our Everybody Counts groups
  • the Dimensions Council
  • annual surveys of the people we support
  • family and friends surveys.

Themes and issues from these channels are fed back to the executive team and Board. All of these processes come together to form our continuous ‘Working Together for Change’ programme.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Our latest (2014) customer satisfaction survey was completed by 38% of the people we support.



Positive themes that emerged from the survey include:

  • I live the life I choose
  • I enjoy being part of a community
  • I have strong relationships with family and friends.

Areas for us to work on next year include:

  • more choice about where and who I live with
  • more choice and control over things that are important to me
  • getting out more.