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Making politics more accessible through Love Your Vote

Love Your Vote is a campaign run by Dimensions to support people with learning disabilities and autism to understand and exercise their right to vote.

See our highlights from the General Election on 8 June 2017 and find out more about Love Your Vote.

People with learning disabilities and autism head to the polls for General Election 2017

We’re extremely proud of all the people we support who voted, and their support teams who helped make it possible. They were kind enough to share their photos and support #LoveYourVote.

Vivek was up bright and early to vote before going to college. And it was his birthday
This was the second General Election Barbara has been able to vote in
Dennis, proudly photographed at his local polling station after voting
Errol asked if we could share his voting photo too
Paul is happy and proud to have been able to vote
David was extremely proud of his vote!
Juanita, Stephen and Richard went to the polling station as a team
Fern is so proud that she got to vote for the first time
Nick receives support in the community and is thrilled to have voted
Len’s happiness is contagious
Andrew, Tony and Debbie were joined by Elle to vote
Margaret would like to share that she voted
Mark is very smug as he voted by post and avoided the rain
Michelle and Dawn’s support team helped them make an informed decision
Laura proudly went along to vote
Sophie, proudly representing the Welsh voters
The weather might have been grey but the mood in Crowthorne certainly wasn’t
Steven says he is very interested in politics and went to some of our Love Your Vote workshops
Thomas and Janet went to the polling station together

What is Love Your Vote?

Back in 2012, people supported by Dimensions developed the Social Care Charter.

This charter, presented in Parliament, outlined five pledges the people we support want Dimensions to pursue with them and for them.

One pledge – “I want to have a voice and be listened to” – gave rise to the Dimensions Love Your Vote Campaign.

Download Dimensions Social Care Charter

Making politics accessible

In association with the Parliamentary Outreach Service, we deliver accessible workshops focused on local and national politics.

Through Love Your Vote, we have helped hundreds of people with learning disabilities and autism to get the resources they need to contact local MPs, research political parties, to register and to cast their vote.

At our Ask Your Question events, we have welcomed a variety MPs and people with learning disabilities and autism to discuss issues important to them. We use a range of methods to make the events accessible, including graphic facilitation and one page profiles for all panel members.

We want to keep political debate going and make sure even more people with learning disabilities and autism get their voices heard.

We hope Love Your Vote will be back for the next major election.

In the meantime, if you know someone with a learning disability, please encourage them to register to register to vote.

Download your free voting passport

We have developed a Voting Passport to help make voting more accessible. It clearly shows how you would like to be supported and your legal rights to vote.

Using our Voting Passport

  1. Download your free Dimensions Voting Passport
  2. Fill in your details, including your name and how you would like to be supported to vote
  3. Show it at your polling station and let staff there know you would like support to vote
  4. If they have any questions, show them the list of your rights and help them understand your legal rights to vote.

If you would like to get in touch with Dimensions Love Your Vote team, please complete the form below.