For young adults leaving school and college

Dimensions works with individuals, families and professionals to support a personalised and structured transition for people like PaulJack and Michael into adult support services.

There are around 13,000 pupils over 16 years of age in special schools and colleges in England and Wales.

We know that provisions of support for these young adults are not always in place by the time of their 16th birthday, or even their 18th birthday.

For anyone in this position, it is a frightening time. How will they transition to adult services? Will they cope with the sudden reduction in structure in their lives? Will their EHC plans deliver and ensure they continue to receive the funding for support they need?

Dimensions has great expertise in working with individuals, families and professionals to enable a structured yet personalised transition to adult life in the community – which follows the four pathways of the ‘Preparing for Adulthood’ guidelines as set out by NDTi and the Department for Education.

It is important for us to ensure we contribute to raising the aspirations of each individual. This also involves having healthy relationships, a healthy lifestyle and living within their community as independently as possible.

All of that said, we understand the stress that people may feel, on top of everything else that is going on at this formative period in their life.

That is why we have pulled together a free resource that helps families, carers and professionals understand the journey of transition from child to adult services, and what support is available.

The free guide was produced by a wide range of experts with direct lived experience of transitions.

Download our transitions guide: Transition – your child’s journey into adult services

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