Residential care homes

Most of our services are based on supporting people to live in their own home (supported living).

For some people this may not be an option, so Dimensions also runs care homes across the country, regulated by the Care Quality Commission.

We have developed a personalised approach in these services, to enable people to have choice and control in their lives, to choose what they do, who supports them and how they spend their time.

We use person-centred thinking tools in support planning to ensure support is personalised, outcomes-focussed and flexible.

We use one-page profiles to help individuals identify skills, interests and characteristics that they would like their staff to have. We develop personalised rotas for people so that they can choose how to spend their time.

We encourage individuals and their families to think creatively about how they want to fulfill goals around developing relationships, and we offer support for socialising or sports and leisure interests.

There can be four or five people sharing this type of home, with a dedicated staff team. A named locality manager is responsible for the running of each home and each person we support will have at least one named key worker.

We sometimes have vacancies in these services as people move on to other types of support. You can find out more about where we have vacancies and the registered services in your area using ‘Find local services’ at the top of the page.