Dimensions supports people across the autism spectrum, including those who also have learning disabilities, physical disabilities, complex needs and challenging behaviour.

Autism spectrum disorders are lifelong developmental conditions that affect one in every 100 people in the UK.

Autism affects each individual, and their families, differently. That’s why we tailor our support for each person, based on our principles of person-centred thinking and Active Support.

With the right support, people with autism can live the lives they choose.

Steven has autism and has found his dream job.

We listen to what people with autism and their families tell us. They tell us what their diagnosis means to them, about the different challenges they face, and the support they need to live the lives they want.

We bring a great deal of experience, insight and expertise to autism support, regularly developing our work through research and regular contact with the leading professional and academic bodies.

The people we support live in their own homes, in supported living or in care homes, according to their need. They receive support ranging from a few hours each week to multiple ratio staffing 24/7.

Our specialist services include Positive Behaviour Support and Autism Behaviour Consultancy but all our staff are committed to achieving positive outcomes for the people we support.

We successfully support people with even the most complex needs to be part of their community, enabling them to have choice and control in their lives.

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