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Stacey gears up for paid employment

When Dimensions first started supporting Stacey she was spiraling into depression and would spend days at a time in bed. She had little independence and more than anything, she wanted a job.

But Stacey formed part of the 79% of people with a learning disability and autism who want to work, but struggle to secure paid employment [Mencap].

She started working with a Dimensions job coach who found her a voluntary placement. As a result, she has now been volunteering at the On Your Bike shop in Taunton for the past seven months.

“I would never have had the confidence to do any work without the help of Dimensions.” Stacey

On Your Bike take in old bikes to repair and sell on as well as offering an MOT and repair service to the public. Stacey started by learning how to strip down donated bikes and keep the useful parts for spares.

Now she has progressed to doing bike MOTs that see her work through a detailed 40 point check list. These require a lot of skill and responsibility, as each part of the bike has to be thoroughly checked for defects.

Stacey loves the sense of purpose that comes with having a job and has a great working relationship with the other seven members of the team.

She has now got one work experience placement, a fantastic reference and a ton of new skills to add to her previously sparse CV.

As a result, she has just been accepted to volunteer at Ferne Animal Sanctuary, which further increases her chances of gaining paid employment in the future.

With the hard work and dedication shown by both Stacey and her support team, we envision it won’t be long until her goal of paid employment is fulfilled – here’s to many more people we support achieving the same.