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Just the job for Chris

This is Chris. He recently moved into a new home, which is when Dimensions began supporting him.

Chris made it clear from the start that he was keen to look for work opportunities.

Through Enable, Chris quickly found voluntary work at his local, The King’s Arms* pub.

He did such a brilliant job that they took him on as a permanent member of staff.

Chris new job
Chris enjoying a hard earned coffee at his new workplace.

His duties include dusting, cleaning windows, refilling condiment bottles and shining the cutlery once a week.

Chris moved to Dimensions’ supported living after living with his parents until the end of last year.

He told us that he loves his new job, because he gets paid!

Recent research showed that only 6% of people with a learning disability and just 15% of people with autism are in paid employment, despite most wanting to work (Mencap).

As well as working with organisations such as Enable, Dimensions have set up a dedicated supported employment team to and have helped to get over 50 people into paid employment through the scheme.

Locality Manager Amy Nicholas said: “This has definitely given Chris a sense of purpose and allowed him to feel like he ‘fits in’. He now loves the word ‘work’.

“He has gone from living with his parents to sharing a home with a friend, he has a paid job and is living the life that he wants to lead.

“Chris looks forward to work every week. He is always smiling, so it’s great to see.”

He has gained such passion and purpose from employment that through Dimensions, he has now secured a voluntary position at a local garden centre, and volunteers at a café once a week.

Through his hard work, and the value he brings to others through it, Chris has gained a great deal of confidence. He has begun to take up various forms of exercise, and is even nurturing a talent in horse riding!

It seems that finding employment works for Chris!


*some details changed for privacy