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Celebrating the winners of this year’s Inspiring People Awards in the West

Every year, regions across Dimensions hold their Inspiring People Awards to recognise exemplary members of staff.

In an organisation of over 7000 members of staff, both being nominated and winning are massive achievements.

Here are the inspiring  stories of this year’s winners in the West region:

Dan Meadows: Inspiring People Award winner

Dan and Stephen celebrate his award

Dan Meadows, a support worker in Bath, was one of three winners of the Inspiring People Awards in Dimensions West region this year.

Dan continually goes above and beyond his role to provide the best possible support for Eve, Lizzie and Stephen, three individuals with complex needs who live together in a Dimensions registered care home in Bath.

As with many of our nominees year upon year, Dan’s thinks he is simply doing his job – it was observations made by others of Dan “in action” that saw him become a finalist and later winner in this year’s awards.

Lizzie’s brother said that the support Dan provides for his sister is “absolutely excellent”. He is, “extremely impressed and very grateful for his continuing level of commitment and conscientiousness in caring for her”.

Similarly, Betty Holmes, a volunteer at the local Mencap, had observed Dan on multiple occasions, telling Dan’s colleagues how he was equally attentive to the people he supports whilst ensuring that there was lots of interaction for them within the group.

Dan’s job as a support worker can, at times, be incredibly challenging. Both Eve, Lizzie and Stephen have multiple and profound learning disabilities and the support needed for them to lead full and meaningful lives is greater than others with less severe disabilities.

But after eight years, Dan knows them as if they were family. He knows to play the guitar or keyboard and sing with Stephen to reduce his anxiety. He is adept at spotting when Lizzie is beginning to feel unsettled, and knows to use intensive interaction techniques to quickly calm her down.

Indeed, he is so committed to his job that he chooses to travel from his home in Newton Abbot to Bath every shift just to ensure that he can carry on supporting them.

Above all else, Dan is held in extremely high regard by his colleagues, managers and in fact everyone who knows him including family members of the people we support. He is a naturally gifted support worker and a credit to Dimensions. Well done Dan!

Dave Barnett: Inspiring People Award Winner

Dave created this amazing murial for Nathan in his spare time

Dave Barnett is a support worker in Stoke who is one of this year’s winners of the Inspiring People Awards in Dimensions West region.

Dave supports a young man called Nathan who has recently moved into Caverswall Road. The two bonded right away, so when Nathan decided that he’d like to have his room redecorated Dave jumped at the chance to help.

As Nathan chooses to spend a lot of time in his bedroom watching DVD’s and playing on his x-box, Dave saw an opportunity to make his life more homely and comfortable.

After an initial discussion with Nathan around what he would like, he spent many hours designing and completing a batman themed mural – Nathan, and Dave, were over the moon with the final results!

Even though Dave only works part time supporting Nathan, he came in to do extra hours to complete his new room.

It has made Nathan noticeably happier and content in the new space – all thanks to an outstanding effort from Dave! A well deserved award indeed.

Sue Guest: Inspiring People Award Winner

Sue played a lead role in the organisation of the fun day

Sue has been working as a support worker for Dimensions for seven years in Reddich.

Last summer, Sue’s team organised a charity fun day in aid of MacMillan to support a colleague who was going through a particularly difficult time.

Sue went above and beyond her role to work tirelessly in preparation for event. She organized a presenter from Central News to open the event, as well as persuading the local mayor to support it.

The local fire service also came along, giving the people we support an opportunity sit in and sound the siren – which was thoroughly enjoyed by all!

A tug of war was arranged between the fire brigade and the people we support, accessible bikes were available for people to use and a football tournament was organised.

Sue persuaded local companies to donate prizes for the raffle and she contacted the local newspaper, which wrote a positive piece about Dimensions. She did all of this in her own time.

The event was attended by people we support from across the region as well as people from partner organizations, other providers and families of the people we support.

A great time was had by all and the event raised an amazing £585 for Macmillan Cancer Support!

“I am really pleased with my nomination, but I was just doing my job.

“I am really happy that everyone was able to have a great day and raise so much money for MacMillan Cancer Support.“