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Tony becomes “Man of the year” at Slimming World

We’re all guilty of making a new year’s resolution and not sticking to it. But since January this year, a gentleman we support called Tony has lost and maintained a weight loss of 24lbs and has been nominated within his Slimming World group as “Man of the year”… and it all started with a conversation.

Tony now enjoys leading a more active lifestyle

On New Year’s Eve Daniel, a Support Worker in the South region, started a light hearted conversation with Tony regarding making New Year’s Resolutions for the coming year.

They were soon joined by other members of staff and the people we support, who started to discuss what they could all do to maintain a healthier lifestyle in 2017.

It was then that Tony decided that he would like to join Slimming World and start leading a more active lifestyle.

Tony has autism and responds positively to certificates of achievement and positive praise, two things that are the key focus within the Slimming World group.

Daniel recognised that it would be a good fit for Tony’s personality and also fit in with his existing daily routine.

Dan was able to structure weekly events and routines that Tony and his co staff members were able to follow to achieve his weekly goals.

Tony is now supported to have a cooking night every Tuesday where he is supported to cook his meals from fresh and freeze them for the forthcoming nights.

He also has a greater awareness of portion control, a daily healthy snack box of his choice, and alongside all this Dan has developed Tony’s budgeting skills at the same time.

Dan has worked hard to support Tony through Slimming World

Tony’s successes on the programme have made him quite the role model, to both the people we support and members of staff.

In supporting him to do the above, staff who had limited knowledge or experience of Slimming World and the steps they could take to lead a healthier lifestyle are now clued up and implementing aspects in their daily lives, too.

When Tony was asked by his support team about how he felt about such a great achievement, his response was “Wit Woo!”