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Cool and collected: When fine art meets fridges

Harry, a fine art student at the world famous Goldsmith’s College in London, has been collaborating with people supported by Outreach 3 Way. The student’s final-year project was designed to explore how people respond creatively to the everyday objects around them.

Some of the fridge art produced as part of the project.

Over the past few years, Harry has been painting and drawing on household appliances and objects such as radiators and mattresses.

This time, Harry volunteered his time in return for people supported by Outreach volunteering their artistic skills. As part of the project, Dimensions’ Outreach 3 Way team offered space for Harry to work in. As well as this, they helped to identify a group of enthusiastic participants.

The group were invited to spend their afternoons in a space full of old fridges, art materials and creative juices. Initially, they were a little apprehensive – spray-painting a fridge isn’t usually encouraged! But it wasn’t long before they got stuck in. While they were asked to think about their interests and passions, they also had the freedom to take their design in any direction.

Some of the materials used by the artists.

The remarkable result was a public display at Goldsmiths; featuring video footage of the fridges being designed, a soundtrack of conversations overheard while they worked, and, of course, the fridges themselves.

Harry’s exhibit showcased the creativity, freedom of expression and passion that went into the fridge art. Overall, it was a new, exciting and enriching experience for Harry, and for everyone involved. Turner Prize, take note!

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