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Art therapy paints confidence and creativity for disabled women

Regular art therapy sessions are not only helping Carla, Hannah, Seeta and Suzanne paint beautiful works of art, but gain new skills and confidence too.

When they first started the sessions three years ago, the four friends found it difficult to hold a paintbrush and concentrate.

Now they’re excelling at their hobby and love the whole experience. They regularly paint new pieces and even held an art show with family and friends to celebrate their achievements.

The proud artists were thrilled when their artwork at the show sold and can use the money to buy some more materials.

The artists in action

Holding and moving a paintbrush is improving their strength and co-ordination
Group work helps improve communication and social skills too
Choosing colours really helps the women express themselves
From the London eye to spring flowers – pictures range from abstract to portraits

We’re very proud of Carla, Hannah, Seeta and Suzanne and hope they continue to benefit from art therapy sessions.