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Danny’s remarkable story of personalised support

In 2015 we started working with a man called Danny who has learning disabilities and is blind. Before beginning his journey with Dimensions, he spent ten years at home with few trips out.


Initially, he didn’t trust people to support him with his personal care. It took time, respect and patience but his support workers Julie, Sharon and Ellie built a strong and trusting relationship with him.

Julie understood that, because Danny is blind, any methods of touch need to be done on his terms.

By applying person-centred thinking, she adapted her support to help Danny trust her and by using sensory approaches, such as soft materials and smells, he eventually agreed to her supporting him to wipe his face and his beard.

Similarly, several support staff have tried and failed to encourage Danny to take a trip to the shops or for a walk.

However, with Ellie and Sharon’s support, he took another huge leap and was supported to leave the house for the first time in a decade.

Ellie was talking to Danny about how nice it was that the sun had finally made an appearance.

He agreed, and responding to his enthusiasm, she asked if he would like to take a walk.

Amazingly, he said yes, and together they visited the local shop where he bought some treats to enjoy in the garden, his smile beaming brighter than the sun.

While these small tasks are every day for a lot of people, they really are huge achievements for Danny.

Ellie and Sharon were even nominated in the Learning Disability Awards for their work with Danny!

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