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Getting a kick out of taekwondo

Alex* has always been a huge fan of wrestling. He has downs syndrome and undiagnosed autism and though he can often be outgoing and enthusiastic, he can also be quiet and withdrawn.

Alex’s support team decided to draw upon his existing interests to help him lead a healthier and more independent life.

As a result, he now eagerly anticipates the taekwondo lessons he attends every Saturday morning.


He takes a bus and a tram to the English Institute of Sport Arena in Sheffield where he takes part in the two hour class alongside his support worker, who will repeat or adapt certain moves to make them simpler if he is struggling.

Alex loves taking part in the classes, which are very friendly and inclusive. They provide an invaluable opportunity for him to not only get active, but engage with his local community as well.

This is just one example of the positive effect keeping active can have on the lives of the people we support!

*not his real name or image