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Growing skills at London allotment project

Establishing an oasis of calm in the middle of London isn’t an easy task, but it’s exactly what our London team have achieved with their Dimensions allotment.

They have successfully taken a small, unloved double plot in North London and transformed the space into a gardening community for the people we support.


The project has been up and running for just over a year now and provides the people we support to plant, grow and eat the fruits and vegetables they grow.

Not only does the allotment encourage independent living, but the people we support have the opportunity to talk to staff away from their usual environment.

Similarly, the allotment acts as a pleasant change of scenery for our staff, too.

The project has been incredibly popular with the people we support and members of staff alike.  The London team have so far fundraised over £5000 and invested 500 hours of their time to ensure the success of the project.


Thanks to their hard work, they’ve raised enough money to secure the future of the project for the next few years, providing opportunities to involve even more people we support as it progresses.