Back to London and the East

Praise for Dimensions by actor Bill Kenwright

A group of 28 people we support and members of staff visited a theatre in Windsor last month to see a production of Dreamboats and Petticoats.

Dreamboats and Petticoats was on in the Playhouse Theatre in London

One of the people we support, Stuart, sat next to a gentleman who chatted to him and joined in with the singing and dancing all night.

The team did not think anything of it until Suzanne Curtis, the organiser of the trip, received a call from the PA of Bill Kenwright – the well-known actor, producer, chairman of Everton Football Club and owner of the theatre.

His PA revealed that he was the man Stuart had sat next to! Bill wanted to say that he was really pleased with the support he had witnessed and invited the whole group back as his guests to see a production of Joseph for free on 9th March.

Locality Manager Kim Winston said, “This has been a real morale booster for the team, who have been through many changes over the past six months. It demonstrates that even through funding cuts and decreasing support hours, good, person-centred support can still be delivered.”