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A beautiful, personal memorial for Reggie

Our team in London proved that there can be no end to person-centred support recently when a beloved Supported Living user passed away.

Reginald Clark, known as Reggie, had been supported by Dimensions for over 25 years. When he passed away, staff members were determined to go the extra mile to plan his funeral despite him having no remaining family members.

The whole team had gotten to know Reggie well and when it came to planning his funeral, the whole team got together and knew exactly what to do to make it special.

police officers reggie funeral

His coffin was painted in his favourite colour, adorned with a union jack and his favourite toys placed in there alongside him.

The national anthem was played whilst his staff team carried the coffin. Local police officers and the Local Commissioner had also been invited who, like his staff team, felt really honoured to attend.

They received amazing feedback from all attendees and the funeral planners who were touched to see such a display of care from our staff.

This moving story shows how the people we support really are at the heart of everything we do.