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STOMP in Action

Dimensions Cymru started to support David in April 2018. His long-standing medication plan included daily Lorazepam. Through STOMP his medication has been reduced.

The Lorazepam was to help with the anxiety he experienced when transitioning from day services to home. However his support team realised that he was taking Lorazepam at the weekend, when he wasn’t attending the day service. They wondered if David was being over-medicated.

David’s support team consulted with his foster mum and GP, everyone agreed to change his medication plan and withdraw his Lorazepam at the weekends. The team were worried that a change in routine might make David anxious. So they introduced a new active support plan. This plan involved engaging David in a number of new activities at medication time.

David is now taking less medication

David has responded really well to the change and has experienced no ill effects from the reduction in medication. His foster mum, GP and commissioners are all delighted that David is no longer receiving medication he does not need. This small change will improve David’s life.

STOMP stands for STopping Over Medication of People with a learning disability, autism or both. It is a national project about helping people to stay well and have a good quality of life. To find out more visit our page.