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From Zimbabwe to Wales – Rob’s story

Rob is a gentleman we support in Wales. Here, he tells his story – from moving from Zimbabwe to being supported by Dimensions.

Rob tells his story

I used to live in Zimbabwe with my family. We used to enjoy BBQs in the garden and I used to enjoy playing rugby, as I was very good at kicking the ball. I used to play for my school and be good at athletics.

I used to play the Marimba in school which is a percussion instrument consisting of a set of wooden bars stuck with mallets to produce musical tones.

I also enjoyed going out for day trips in the car and for picnics. Every Friday, we would visit a factory where they made biscuits. There was another factory that made TVs too.

We would also visit safari parks – my favorite animals were giraffes, big and little ones. I also got to feed the small giraffes.

I used to enjoy long trips. I would visit my girlfriend who lives down the road on a farm, we would sit together on the wall and take my dog for long walks. We would visit dams and lakes and I would use my bike to get around.

I had a job washing cars and I also worked in a clothes shop. I moved to Wales in 2002, I flew from Johannesburg to Gatwick airport in London.

When I came to Cardiff I lived in a town house, before moving to Mendip Road where I currently live.

I used to do athletics at Cardiff Athletics Stadium and also enjoyed football. I love parties and dancing. I like to use my laptop and enjoy listening to sports debates on the radio. I love peoples’ company, it makes me feel wanted.