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Kelly and David become DJs for the day at Able Radio

Playing music and songs by their favourite bands on the radio was David and Kelly’s dream. That dream came true for the pair, who travelled to Able radio and became DJs for the day.

Able radio, based in Cwmbran, is a national radio station providing people who live with learning disabilities with a voice.

Kelly and David at Able Radio.
Kelly and David at Able Radio.

David and Kelly travelled to Able radio station to experience what it is like to be a DJ for the day. Both were very excited as they were shown around by Ian, who is himself a wheelchair user. He showed them the radio equipment, how to put together a radio show and effects that could be added to their recording, as well as adding the Able Radio theme to finish off their recording. They had lots of fun playing with the different effects and learning how to put together a radio show.

David and Kelly were also interviewed by Ian. They talked about themselves, their love of music their and favourite bands. David’s song choices included songs from New Order. Kelly played songs by Gary Barlow and Talk Talk.

A few weeks after the recording both Kelly and David listened to the final recording of their show.

Kelly said: “It was a great experience, I got to be a DJ for the day. It felt great, amazing, listening to our show through my tablet.”

Both David and Kelly, who are supported by Dimensions in Wales, had an amazing time working together. They especially enjoyed having the opportunity to be hands on in putting the radio show together.

Talking about the experience David said: “I had a marvellous time, thank you.”

The experience provided them both with an opportunity to work on a creative media project, as well as providing them with a voice to share and have their views heard.

Since her experience at Able Radio Kelly has become a budding DJ. She said: “I would like to go for another day and experience the radio station again.’’

To find out more about the different Able Radio creative projects, visit their website:

By Suzanne Donovan, Volunteer Storyteller