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Jamie conquers the iNVNCBL 10km challenge

By Deanne Coult, Volunteer Storyteller

Jamie Stephenson, one of the people we support at Dimensions Cymru, took part in the iNVNCBL 10km Obstacle Course Race as part of a ten person Dimensions Team recently; raising money for future initiatives in 2018 to enhance the lives of the people we support.

“I was nervous but excited”, recalls Jamie, who had never considered a challenge like this before.

The course was a physical and mental challenge for Jamie

Sian Turner, who has supported Jamie for the past two years said: “We are all so proud of Jamie for completing the obstacle course race, me and Jamie did it together and completed about half of the obstacles but we made it to the end! He was wary at first, as it was something completely unknown to him, but he really pushed himself.

“Jamie has been going to the gym and working hard to get healthy, I’ve looked after him for 2 years now, he was 24 stone when we met, he’s now 15 stone 8, he’s done amazingly well.

“I think that completing such a huge challenge has proven to him how far he has come and what he can achieve, he’s very proud and talks about the obstacle course race all the time since!”

Jamie and Sian together raised over £200 for Dimensions.

Jamie’s new found confidence means that he is now eager to take on another obstacle course race this year, and he hopes that by continuing on his journey to becoming fit and healthy, that he can do even better in the next challenge that he sets himself.

Jamie said: “This year me and Sian are dressing up as the chuckle brothers! I’m going to do even better next time.”

We are all extremely proud of Jamie – he really has proven himself to be iNVNCBL!