95 New Wokingham Road, Berkshire

Crowthorne care home supporting people with learning disabilities

Here we provide social care to people with dual diagnosis of learning disabilities. People we support are encouraged to be independent and we use person-centred approaches to ensure their choice and control.
“I cannot praise the staff enough for their dedication and hard work.” Family member

About the neighbourhood

  • Close to town centre
  • Local amenities
  • Library
  • Supermarket
  • Cinema
  • Restaurants

Staff team

  • 24 hour staff
  • Waking nights
  • Highly skilled
  • Committed to personalisation
  • Friendly, welcoming, professional

About the property

  • Four bedrooms
  • Baths and shower
  • Garden
  • Six seat vehicle
  • Car parking


95 New Wokingham Road
RG45 6JN