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Making it personal for everyone

Our second book continues the Personalisation Journey we started in Making it personal, sharing our learning, what we’ve tried, what worked well and what didn’t.

We had learned a lot from our work with Helen Sanderson in our first Personalisation Journey so that we could respond flexibly to people with a personal budget who would want to work with a provider.

Setting out, we recognised this second journey was a real step into the unknown. It had the potential to radically improve the support we provide for people in traditional services and significantly change everyday practice for the people we employ.

This book is written for other providers, but not because we think it has the answers – it almost certainly doesn’t. What it does offer fellow travellers is a ‘warts and all’ story about our learning, about what we tried, what worked well and what didn’t, and how the participants coped.

We’ve written this in the hope it makes others’ journeys quicker and smoother.