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Exciting developments for our 2018 Leader Anna

As we come up to the final week to enter the Learning Disability and Autism Leaders’ List 2019 we’d like to share some exciting updates from one of our 2018 Leaders – Anna Farley.

Anna Changing communities LDA Leaders' List 2018
Changing Communities Leader – Anna

Anna is one of our Changing Communities Leaders – her story secured a winning place on the List after our judges were blown away by how driven she is to make the arts more inclusive.

“Getting to be part of the Leaders List 2018 was such an honour that I felt so proud of, I wanted to thank Dimensions again for this award and that the award even exists so that others can benefit from this now and in the future.”

Anna is an autistic artist who is helping people express their autistic selves through art and supporting others in the sector to understand autism.

Her 2018 story shares how she founded Autography with Photofusion; a project for autistic adults to use photography as a way to explore their own autistic identity.

Anna Changing communities LDA Leaders' List 2018

With these, she co-facilitated a series of workshops to teach photography and bring people together. It was an opportunity for people to explore their own autistic identity.

The project gathered momentum and she was contacted by 198 Gallery and TATE to hold the first neurodiverse event at the TATE.

The event, inspired by Autography, was a success and since then she’s been going from strength to strength.

In the year since we met her, Anna has some exciting updates to share with us:

Because of her continual focus and engagement on autism culture and community; she is now a commissioned artist! Take a look at her professional profile at

She is also extending her work with the TATE and TATE Exchange into 2020 as an artist and activist.

Anna has made us very proud as she continues to engage with arts community with autism and how autistic artists can be better supported and promoted.

We wish her the best of luck and look forward to seeing what else she has in store.

Read her Leaders’ List 2018 story