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Dimensions responds to Improving Lives strategy

The government says learning disability employment is a priority – we’re ready and waiting to make this a reality.

Dimensions welcomes the government’s commitment to support people with learning disabilities into work in the new strategy Improving Lives: Work, Health and Disability.

In our response to the government’s green paper last year we made clear that:

  • People with learning disabilities and autism want to work – the government must be ambitious when it comes to supporting people
  • People with learning disabilities and autism need to be aspirational – a cross-government strategy should encourage people to think about employment from a young age
  • There are many different ways to make valuable and fulfilling contributions to society – the government should support all people with learning disabilities and autism to do this
  • Improving Lives recognises the need for ambition and aspiration and promises a cross-government approach to ‘making a step-change in the life chances of learning disabled people’.

We hope these new commitments will make a real difference to the number of people with learning disabilities and autism finding meaningful opportunities over the next 10 years.

Mark Brookes, Dimensions Campaign Advisor commented ‘It’s great to have a job as someone with a learning disability, but the government must remember that sometimes people will still need a little bit of help through the benefit system.

Not everyone with a learning disability will work full-time, but everyone can make a valuable contribution. The government must use that potential, we all benefit from working in diverse places.’

The focus on learning disability employment is very important, but we also emphasise the need to maintain adequate financial support for those who will not work full time.

The government should continue to consider people with learning disabilities and autism in all the broader plans on disability employment, as well as through the specific and targeted steps they have set out in. Ambition, aspiration and financial security will be key to making the step change possible.

At Dimensions, we hope to see the government engaging with the people we support and their families.

We are committed to closing the employment gap for people with learning disabilities and autism, both inside and outside of our organisation and look forward to supporting people into new employment opportunities, apprenticeships and supported internships.

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