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Championing disabled people’s right to work

Dimensions were delighted to nominate an employer of a person we support in the “Supporting someone to work” category in last night’s Learning Disability Awards.

Kennet Tyre Services in Marlborough is  a company which goes above and beyond in providing work for one of the people we support.

Every morning he gets washed, dressed and is raring to go.  When he sees his support worker arrive he smiles and says “I’m going to work”. Then with pride and a sense of purpose, he enters the building knowing that he is part of the community and adding value.

His day is filled with duties ranging from general cleaning to helping staff with sorting orders and going out with the crew to breakdowns.

Often, locals from Marlborough town centre will pop their heads round the door to see how he’s doing and to catch up over a cuppa.  Then after a hard day’s work when it’s time to leave, he packs up his bag and says farewell to his friends and colleagues in the knowledge that he’s made a difference.

Though Kennet Tyer Services were a runner up in last night’s awards we recognise them as a company who champion inclusive employment in a truly inspiring way.

If more companies follow Kennet’s lead, we can gradually start to improve the disability employment gap and enable more people with learning disabilities to have paid, fulfilling roles.