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Education for children with autism at The Rise School

The Autism Schools Trust was established in 2012 as a ground-breaking collaboration between Dimensions and Ambitious about Autism.

The Rise School.
We work with Ambitious About Autism to run The Rise School.

It is based on a shared vision for social and academic inclusion in education from the earliest age possible for pupils with autism. The Trust supports the development of new special schools to enable children and young people with autism to learn and succeed.

We know that children and young people with autism can then make a successful transition to adult life with the right opportunities and support.

The Autism Schools Trust supports The Rise School, which educates and supports children and young people with autism, aged 4-19 years. It enables them to access a broad and challenging curriculum alongside pupils at a mainstream school.

At the same time as concentrating on pupils’ academic and social learning, The Rise School focuses strongly on the transition to adult life, working with pupils and their families to maximise access to further and higher education and employment.

The Rise School is co-located with Feltham Community College in West London, a mainstream secondary school.

Co-locating with Feltham Community College enables pupils to access the national curriculum at broadly age appropriate levels whilst receiving the specialist support they need. It offers a broad range of qualifications including GCSEs, A-levels, and vocational BTECs.

The Rise School uses a personalised, multi-disciplinary and evidence-based approach to enable young people to learn and achieve. Every pupil has access to a team of qualified teachers, behaviour specialists, and allied health professionals.

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