I need to report a hate crime

This page is for people who have witnessed a hate crime and for people who are are reporting one on behalf of somebody else.

If you are the victim of a hate crime, please visit this page for more advice.

If you think you have witnessed a hate crime and want to report it, you can do so in a number of ways. If you think the victim of the hate crime has autism or a learning disability, it’s important to report this too.

Report an autism and learning disability hate crime to the police

Call 999 or 112 to report a hate crime

If the hate crime is serious or an emergency, call 999 and tell the respondent you believe you are witnessing a hate crime.

If it isn’t an emergency, call 112 and tell the respondent what you have witnessed.

When reporting a crime, always be clear if you suspect the victim has autism or a learning disability. If you are able to, stay with the victim and help the police understand how to talk with them.

Use the self-reporting system to report a hate crime

You can anonymously report a hate crime online. This system is designed to report any form of hate incident or crime that you may have witnessed, or if you are reporting on behalf of someone else.

Sometimes you might feel the incident isn’t serious enough to report to the police but it’s still extremely important that they know and have it on their records.

Visit the Report it – Report a crime online webpage.

Third party reporting

You can report hate crimes to third party organisations (those not associated with the police). These organisations are set up to support victims of hate crime:

Staying safe as a witness to a hate crime

If you are witness to a crime, you need to put your safety first.

  • In an emergency call 999.
  • Stay alert and safe.
  • Don’t physically intervene.
  • Put everything that you remember about the incident in writing.
  • Report the incident as soon as possible.

Help prevent disability hate crime

By signing up to support #ImWithSam and sharing our message and resources you are showing the world that autism and learning disability hate crime will not be tolerated.

Through our campaign against autism and learning disability hate crime, we are working with organisations, professionals and influencers to tackle hate crime at its roots and improve support for victims.

In the first year of #ImWithSam we worked with the Crown Prosecution Service, Police Force, Law Commission and PSHE Association. We drove changes to the criminal justice system, police training and school teaching.