Say NO more autism and learning disability hate crime – #ImWithSam

Sam represents the 73% of people with learning disabilities and autism who have experienced hate crime. People who have been subjected to physical attacks, gang rape and emotional manipulation because of their disability. Our #ImWithSam hate crime campaign is a long term mission to tackle hate crime at its roots and promote better support for victims.

You can read about our progress with #ImWithSam in our reports:
Download #ImWithSam Report 2017-18.
Download #ImWithSam Report 2018-19
Download Easy read #ImWithSam report 2018 – 2019

Our 2019 survey about learning disability and autism hate crime and abuse is live. Go to Surveymonkey to find out more, complete the survey or download the easy read survey.

Autism and learning disability hate crime has now officially been reported as the most common form of disability hate crime – these statistics have been made available through our work with the Office of National Statistics.

The campaign dossier includes:

  • The results of Dimensions’ Learning Disability and Autism Hate Crime survey providing the most up to date available UK snapshot pointing to frightening levels of prevalence of hate crime targeting people with learning disability or autism;
  • Direct accounts from the victims of hate crime of their experiences including verbal and physical violence, online abuse, bullying and financial abuse; and it will offer case studies for media use;
  • Policy objectives

Download the campaign dossier

Download the campaign dossier in Easy Read

In the first year of #ImWithSam we also worked with the Crown Prosecution Service, Police Force, Law Commission and PSHE Association. We drove changes to the criminal justice system, police training and school teaching.

You can read about our police training in our report. Download #ImWithSam Police training report.

We’re still working hard to achieve our eight campaign objectives and we continue to support those who can influence change – including you.

*statistics taken from Dimensions UK 2016 autism and learning disability hate crime survey.

Take action and spread the word

We’ve developed a range of guidance and free resources to help prevent and tackle autism and learning disability hate crime and support victims. These are tailored to you and we will publish more as our work continues. Sign up to show your support

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