Prepare for your trip to the library

The library is an interesting, interactive and engaging place to visit. We’re working to make them more inclusive for people with autism.

There are a number of things you can do to prepare for your trip to the library.

Talk to your library staff

Library staff are keen for more guests to visit their library and take advantage of the resources they have available. They can provide information about:

  • what to expect when you arrive there
  • if someone can give you a tour and show you how things work
  • where to find books you’re interested in
  • the quietest times to visit
  • events you might be interested in attending.

The website for your local library should have contact details on it.

You can find it through

Research your library

Some libraries have maps and photos of them available on their website.

These are helpful to understand what to expect when you walk through the door, and how to find key amenities like the toilets.

Library staff are welcoming and accommodating

You can find the website for your local library through

Download our social story template

We have developed this social story for library guests who have autism.

There are spaces for you to personalise it with information and photos.

The social story has sections for:

  • before I go to the library
  • about the library
  • how I become a member of the library
  • when I visit the library

Download your social story for visiting the library.