Autism friendly libraries

The success of our autism friendly cinema screenings shows a clear demand for more inclusive environments. In response to this we’ve developed training for libraries to be autism friendly, too.

On World Autism Awareness Day 2019, we published an updated and more in-depth version of our autism friendly libraries training. We hope this provides library staff with all the information they need to become autism friendly, and we’re on hand to offer further support and advice.

This training isn’t compulsory, but it is free. We’re calling on libraries to use our free resources and on families, carers and people with autism to ask their libraries to take part.

People want more autism friendly environments

Our research shows that people with autism are much more likely to visit the library, and twice as often as other people.

But 40% still never visit.

A remarkable 90% of respondents said they would be more likely to visit their local library if some changes were made.

Staff training, tolerance of noise and understanding from the public were the adjustments most important to people with autism, and their carers.

We have developed our training in response to this, while providing resources to make the experience easier for sensory sensitive guests.

There’s no obligation for libraries to participate, but we hope that most will choose to.

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