Autism friendly cinema screenings

We provide free national autism friendly training for all cinemas across the country. We also partner directly with ODEON, Cineworld, Vue, Showcase and Picturehouse to host autism friendly screenings at over 350 cinemas nationwide.

On Sunday mornings throughout the month, films suitable for all audiences are screened in a sensory friendly and inclusive environment.

These adjustments aim to reduce over-stimulation and create a welcoming environment. Download our editable autism friendly screenings social story template.

autism friendly cinema screenings
Every month guests enjoy a sensory friendly trip to the cinema

Latest films


See an autism friendly screening of Toy Story 4 on Sunday 7th July at 11am, at participating Cineworld cinemas.

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See an autism friendly screening of Avengers: Endgame (12A) on Sunday 9th June at 10am, at participating Showcase cinemas.

To be aware of

  • Showcase Liverpool are participating in autism friendly screenings
  • Avengers: Endgame is a very popular film so the cinema might be busy. The film is a 12A and contains; long emotional sections, including funeral scenes | lots of fast action, explosions and busy special effects, including quiet scenes next to noisy ones | close up shots of the human body, i.e. pores | some subtitles | this film tackles adult themes of depression, betrayal, moving on and letting go. An autistic family we consulted thoroughly enjoyed the film but there was some fidgeting due to the long running time.

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See an autism friendly screening of Toy Story 4 on Sunday 23rd June at 10:15am, at participating ODEON cinemas.

ODEON’s trial screening for older audiences, at 11 selected cinemas, is X-Men Dark Phoenix (12A) on Monday 24th June at 6:15pm.

To be aware of

  • Durham will start participating in ODEON’s autism friendly screenings from Sunday 23rd June and will be showing Toy Story 4.
  • ODEON Epsom’s autism friendly screenings begin at 11am.
  • Tickets for the latest releases may come with a small Blockbuster charge of £1, on top of the normal ticket price.

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See an autism friendly screening of The LEGO Movie 2 on Sunday 16th June, at participating Picturehouse cinemas.

To be aware of

  • *The majority of Picturehouse cinemas host autism friendly screenings on the third Sunday of each month, except:
    • City Screen, York host autism friendly screenings on the second Sunday of each month at 11.15am
    • Picturehouse at FACT, Liverpool host autism friendly screenings every Sunday 11.30am
    • Little Theatre Cinema, Bath only hosts autism friendly screenings in the school holidays
  • Picturehouse cinemas host their autism friendly screenings at different times. Please click  ‘See participating cinemas’ below to find a cinema near you and what time they’ll be hosting their autism friendly screening.

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See an autism friendly screening of Peppa Pig: Festival of Fun on Sunday 30th June at 10:15am, at participating Vue cinemas.

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Any questions?

We understand sensory sensitivities are unique to everyone. If you have any questions or concerns, please speak to the manager at your local cinema.

If you would like to find out more about the adjustments or share your experiences about a visit to our autism friendly screenings please complete this form.

  • If your enquiry is urgent or you would like to speak to a member of the team, please call 0300 303 9062