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Positive Behaviour Support helps Beth to volunteer

Beth, a young woman with learning disabilities, now volunteers at her childhood farm thanks to Positive Behaviour Support.


Beth used to get very anxious about being out in the community. If she had to leave the house, she would pull her hood up and put her head down and, when anxious, she verbally abuses people around her. It’s an all too common vicious circle.

Her support staff felt Beth might benefit from Positive Behaviour Support – a structured approach to understanding and tackling the root causes of challenging behaviour.

They enlisted a Dimensions specialist to help and, in just a few short months, Beth’s confidence rocketed and her challenging behaviour is fast dropping away.

By taking small steps over a period of months, Beth is now more and more active in her local community.

One of her first achievements was visiting the local corner shop. She now goes at least twice a day and has become close to the staff, who are helping her learn valuable skills such as how to manage her money.

A real milestone was a trip by herself to Morley to buy a filter for her fish tank. Her support team built up to the trip in stages, teaching Beth the bus routes, waiting for her outside shops and encouraging her to manage her own money.

With her newfound self-belief, Beth asked to volunteer with animals, mentioning that, as a child, she used to love petting the rabbits at Swithen’s farm in Rothwell.

Her support staff were keen to help and now, one day each week, Beth mucks out the pigs and feeds the newborn lambs at that same farm.

Those around her have worked so hard to get Beth to where she is now, but of course the credit is due to her. And it won’t stop there. Says Beth, “I’m very happy to be able to go out by myself. Next, I really want to visit my sister but that means two buses…”

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