Autism friendly libraries

Our research shows that people with autism are much more likely than the general public to visit libraries, and to visit them twice as often.

But more than 90% of the people with autism and carers, who we asked, said they would visit the library more often if some changes were made.

Contact your local library and see if they’ll become autism friendly.

That’s why Dimensions is working with the Association for Childrens and Education Librarians (ASCEL) and the Society of Chief Librarians (SCL) to help local libraries become more autism friendly. The work was funded by the Arts Council England.

We’re providing training for librarians and other library staff. The training aims to make staff more autism aware, and provides a range of tips on simple adjustments to make the library more autism friendly. We’re also providing social stories, posters and other resources.

How you can help

There’s no obligation for libraries to participate but we hope that most will choose to do so.

Why not encourage your local library to make use of the training and talk to them about what would make the biggest difference for you?

Watch our training video


If you are a librarian looking for training, complete the form below to access our free resources.