Great Places to Work

“Great Places to Work” is the world’s largest study of workplace cultures. It is an audit of the practices that create an outstanding workplace culture as well as a survey of employees’ views of their employer.

Dimensions is proud to be one of very few social care organisations that are members of the Great Places To Work programme.

On this page you can find our Trust and Engagement scores. There’s space for improvement, but overall we’re pleased with them. About 2500 of our colleagues completed the survey.

In the interest of transparency, we’re also publishing the full research findings. So if you want to know what Dimensions colleagues think about diversity, about career development, about our values and ethics or a dozen other critical characteristics of a great workplace, you can download the data here.


This is the average of the core survey statements asked by the Great Places to Work survey.

trust index score - 72% positive, 19% split decision, 9% negative
Dimensions trust index score


Engagement is a measure of positive outcomes for the organisation and its employees, including aspects of working life such as pride, loyalty, importance of work, advocacy of the organisation and willingness to go the extra mile.

Engagement score - 78% positive, 15% split decision, 7% negative
Dimensions engagement score

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We’ve made a short film to describe the importance we attach to having a diverse workforce. This will be available to view soon.

Career and development

Our colleagues have made a number of short films talking about their work and careers. Watch them here.

Colleagues told us

As part of the survey, our colleagues were also asked “Is there anything unique or unusual about this company that makes it a great place to work?”
Here’s a flavour of what they said, anonymously:

  • “You can be yourself management not looking over your shoulder”
  • “Since working for Dimensions I can say that it is very person-centred in the way which staff are trained to deliver support.”
  • “My manager’s actually care about me as a person and that is with everyone”
  • “I feel that this company supports personal and professional development opportunities really well.”
  • “The company truly care & have the people we support at the heart of everything we do”
  • “I love how this company and staff really make a difference to people’s lives for the better and always strive to do better. Always give staff support what they need when needed.”
  • “I feel appreciated and valued as a person from a BAME background. I have been given equal opportunity to progress.”