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#ImWithSam – our autism and learning disability hate crime campaign

Meet Sam. Sam represents the 73% of people with learning disabilities and autism* who have experienced hate crime. We’ve brought Sam to life to fight hate crime.

What you can do

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It’s easy! Support us now and help us achieve our eight objectives to tackle autism and learning disability hate crime.

Who is Sam?

Sam is like you, like your child. But Sam has a learning disability or autism, making him (or her) a target for abuse and other crime.

All of Sam’s stories are from real people. Their testimonies bear witness to the horror of hate crime perpetrated against particularly vulnerable people. Read their stories.

#ImWithSam gives you a chance to express your support for Dimensions’ campaign to end autism and learning disability hate crime.

You might see someone like Sam being abused in the street, or it could be happening behind closed doors.

How will #ImWithSam help tackle hate crime?

We’re working with partner organisations, government services, individuals and people like you. Together we’re sharing the message that learning disability and autism hate crime is unacceptable – and that something can be done.

#ImWithSam is based around eight outcomes we want to see as a result of our campaigning.

These objectives include resources and support for schools, families and support workers, stronger laws for online disability hate crime, improved processes for investigating and prosecuting disability hate crime and wider representation of people with learning disabilities and autism.

Read about our objectives and join the campaign.

*statistics taken from Dimensions UK 2016 autism and learning disability hate crime survey.