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Family Fact Sheets

Our Family Fact Sheets are designed to help families understand the way we work and how we take care of your relative.

Click on the links below to find the information you need and if any of your questions go unanswered, one of our family consultants will be happy to help.

Family Factsheet: Being involved with Dimensions
how you can get involved with Dimensions.

Family Factsheet: Checking the quality of our support services - how we ensure people are getting good quality support

Family Factsheet: Welcoming diversity - how we welcome diversity across our organisation and among everyone we support.

Family Factsheet: Choice and control- how we support people with profound and multiple learning disabilities to have choice and control.

Family Factsheet: Family Forum meetings- how our meetings help families stay up to date and have their say.

Family Factsheet: Just enough support- how we determine the right amount of support.

Family Factsheet: Money Matters- information on how we help support people to have control over their money.

Family Factsheet: One page profiles- information on our one page profiles and how to write them.

Family Factsheet: Positive about risk- how we believe a little bit of risk can be a positive thing.

Family Factsheet: Food and Nutrition- how we look after the health and diet of those we support.

Family Factsheet: Communication- how we communicate with those we support for stronger relationships.

Family Factsheet: Personalisation- how we put the people we support at the centre of everything we do.

Family Factsheet: Being Involved- information for families on being involved with Dimensions.

Family Factsheet: Recruitment- how we make sure to match our staff to your relative.

Family Factsheet: When Things go Wrong- how we promise to handle any issues that may arise while you're relative is in our care.

Family Factsheet: Support Services Jargon Buster- A list of common words and terms used at Dimensions and their meaning.

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If you or your family are already supported by Dimensions, and you'd like advice, please contact either Gail or Liz:

Gail: 07908 668 981 or via email at

Liz: 07908 669 040 or via email at Liz.Wilson@dimensions-uk.org