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A photograph of a house.

You and your home

3 people stood in a house.

You might need a lot of support. You might live as part of a group. This is called residential services.
one person inside a house

You might need to have more choice and control in your life. This is called supported living.
3 people together inside a house

You might be supported along with a group of people living together. This is called shared supported living services.
A photograph of a man in his own room.

You might be supported to live on your own.
A photograph of a landlord standing in front of a house.

You might have a landlord.  Your landlord looks after the house where you live. You can ask staff for details. Your landlord will make sure your house stays in a good condition.

An image of a tenancy agreement.

If Dimensions is your landlord, there is a document that tells you what your rights and responsibilities are. This is called a License to Occupy or a Tenancy Agreement. You should read this carefully.