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Making it Personal - How do we make it Real?

A lot has happened this year. I've said this before here, but over the last few weeks we have been reflecting on our personalisation journey.

A year ago, I wrote a piece which described my own introduction to our personalisation journey and considered whether I was up for the challenge.

Taking stock

Taking stock, like we have done now, is when you realise how much progress has been made, but also the work that is still to do.

Whilst the project team has been working away in the background over this year, developing strategies and templates and processes, and all the other 'stuff' that helps provide frameworks within which to deliver our personalisation journey, our operations teams have been preparing the ground locally, helping to embed person-centred thinking tools and habits and continuing to be there for the people we support. 

Developing our One Page Strategy

Developing Our One Page Strategy has been a key focus over this year - this document captures how we define success, how we will work to achieve this and how we can tell whether we've been successful or not. As I write, these posters are being put up in our offices and workspaces across the organisation. However, putting up a poster is not enough.

We have been gathering evidence from our colleagues to see how far we've come:

  • Around 300 employees trained face to face on person-centred thinking
  • Around 2000 employee one page profile
  • Around 400 people we support attending Everybody Counts groups


Those are only a few of the measures, and we're currently defining the key indicators that will show us how we've improved and changed the lives of the people we support, so that they have choice and control. We still have a long way to go, but compared to what these numbers would have been a year ago, we have made progress. 

We have also been reflecting on how we've engaged people (our employees, families, people we support) in our journey so far and how we can best communicate the reasons for the journey and what it means. This blog is meant to be a way to do that, and we know that some posts are more popular than others.

We're written about the meaning of personalisation, explained some of the tools and talked about the activities of the project team. But having got all the 'stuff' in place, we need to make this journey real, so that everyone is motivated to make it personal. What would make it real for you?

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