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We have a range of publications available for download below. You can use the search bar to filter the results if you know the name or topic of the literature that you require.

Once you have found the correct document, simply click on 'download'.

Please note, we have no more hard copies of either of our award-winning 'Making it Personal' books but you can download both electronically below.

Documents to download

 TitleLast ModifiedDownload
application/pdfCo-chair of the Council welcome Easy Read (385KB)21/10/2014Download
application/pdfEasy Read Board Minutes July 2014 (1.30MB)17/10/2014Download
application/pdfFamily Factsheet: Checking the quality of our services (149KB)16/10/2014Download
application/pdfDimensions Easy Read Value for Money Statement 2014 (1.78MB)14/10/2014Download
 The Dimensions Easy Read Value for Money Statement 2014 is a report into what Dimensions does and... 
application/pdfDimensions Value for Money Statement 2014 (312KB)08/10/2014Download
 The Dimensions Value for Money Statement 2014 is a critical assessment of our performance.  
application/pdfReport for our tenants - 2013-2014 (2.60MB)24/09/2014Download
application/pdfDimensions Report and Financial Statement 2013-14 (642KB)17/09/2014Download
 This is Dimensions' report of the board of management for the year ended 31st March 2014. 
application/pdfDimensions - Management Structure 2014 (21KB)18/06/2014Download
 This document outlines our management structure. Updated end of March 2014. 
application/pdfWork for Us leaflet - 2014 (2.71MB)22/05/2014Download
application/pdfTwo Ticks FAQ (715KB)01/04/2014Download
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